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Hacks & Wonks

Sep 10, 2021

Show Notes

Today on the show, Executive Director of America Walks and former mayor of Seattle, Mike McGinn joins Crystal to discuss new Covid-19 vaccine mandates, planned walkouts by some workers in Seattle fizzling, rising gun violence and the conspicuous lack of analysis by the media and the mayor’s office, the knee-jerk desire for police presence when crime rises (in spite of it being ineffective), and the integration of Compassion Seattle into a certain mayoral campaign now that it’s off the November ballot.

As always, a full text transcript of the show is available below and at

Find the host, Crystal Fincher on Twitter at @finchfrii and find today’s co-host, Mike McGinn, at @mayormcginn. More info is available at


"State employees union announces agreement with Inslee over vaccine mandate" by Joseph O'Sullivan 


“Biden Lays Out Plan To Mandate Vaccines Or Testing For Millions Of Workers” by Alana Wise and Tamara Keith from NPR: 


“‘Every hospital is quite full’ in Washington as delta variant of coronavirus spreads” by Elise Takahama from The Seattle Times: 


“‘Don’t have a clue’: It turns out Washington state set a murder record in 2020, but no one knows why” by Danny Westneat from The Seattle Times: 


“Sickout at Seattle City Light over COVID-19 vaccine mandate doesn’t materialize” by Daniel Beekman from The Seattle Times: 


“Unions warn of ‘mass exodus’ over city of Seattle vaccine mandate” by David Kroman from Crosscut: 


“Seattle’s arrest alternative, LEAD, moves beyond police” by David Kroman from Crosscut: 


“‘Compassion Seattle’ Is Dead. Now What?” by Katie Wilson from Publicola: 


“Harrell Says He’ll Implement Key Provisions of ‘Compassion Seattle’ Measure, Clear Encampments” by Erica C. Barnett of Publicola: 


"Durkan Won’t Sign Crowd Control Weapons Bill, Raises Specter of Court Challenge" by Paul Kiefer


"Harrell Ducks Police Accountability Forum, Burgess Rides In to Attack González" by Doug Trumm


Transcript will be uploaded shortly.