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Hacks & Wonks

Nov 14, 2020

This week Crystal and recurring co-host Michael Charles of Upper Left Strategies go over election results, both nationally and in our state, and talk about why election results rarely come out on election day.

Be sure to check out Michael Charles other podcast, Cold Brews and Voting Blue!

Oct 30, 2020

Election Day is almost here!

Crystal and recurring co-host Michael Charles talk about which races they're excited to watching, what all this early voting may mean, and whether or not the King County Charter will be amended to hold police accountable.

Listen to Michael Charles' other podcast, Cold Brews and Voting Blue,...

Oct 23, 2020

Today Crystal and recurring co-host Ashley Archibald from Real Change delve into the remarkable early voter turnout in King County, and discuss how voting information still doesn't reach every community equally.

Oct 9, 2020

This week Crystal is joined by Marco Lowe, Professor at Seattle University’s Institute for Public Service, to get into this week's vice presidential debate, and how we see national politics reflected in some interesting races in our own state.

Sep 15, 2020

Justice G. Helen Whitener is a fascinating person. Her life story, her path to the Washington State Supreme Court, and her extensive experience in law in our state, and lived experience as a Black, immigrant, LGBT and disabled person is worth listening to and learning from. Today, Crystal and Justice Whitener get into...