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Hacks & Wonks

Dec 29, 2023

On this week-in-review, Crystal is joined by Seattle political reporter and editor of PubliCola, Erica Barnett!

Crystal and Erica discuss how a City of Seattle audit of registered rental properties shows a shift from smaller rental properties to larger apartment buildings that mirrors national trends, rather than being...

Dec 26, 2023

On this topical show re-air, Crystal welcomes Dr. Stephan Blanford, Executive Director of Children’s Alliance, for a wide-ranging conversation on childcare. They delve into the importance of childcare as an economic driver and its societal impacts through preparing kids for success in school and life. A review of the...

Dec 22, 2023

Seattle budget season may be over but it’s never too early to start preparing and studying up for next year!

On this topical show re-air, special guest host Shannon Cheng chats with Amy Sundberg and BJ Last from Solidarity Budget about the City of Seattle budget process.

After covering budget basics and where we’re...

Dec 19, 2023

The makeup of Seattle City Council may be changing a lot next year, but the issues they’ll face won’t.

Over the six weeks leading up to ballots being mailed out for the 2023 general election, Hacks & Wonks presented our series of interviews with most of the Seattle City Council candidates!

On this topical show...

Dec 15, 2023

On this topical show re-air, Crystal chats with Bothell Mayor Mason Thompson about what got him engaged in public service, what issues are top of mind in Bothell, and how he approaches making meaningful change when the system is biased to keep things the same. 

Mayor Thompson believes that continuing as we always have...