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Hacks & Wonks

Aug 27, 2021

Today on the show Marco Lowe, Professor at Seattle University’s Institute for Public Service, joins Crystal to get in to kids returning to school this fall without having had a Covid vaccine, the impact of the Pfizer vaccine being approved by the FDA, the Supreme Court striking down the federal eviction moratorium, the incredibly slow pace of rental aid being distributed in King County, the arrival of Afghan refugees in Washington State (and how you can help welcome them!), and the tragic rise in gun violence in our area - including a shooting between a 14 and 17 year old.

As always, a full text transcript of the show is available below and at

Find the host, Crystal Fincher on Twitter at @finchfrii and find today’s co-host, Marco Lowe, at @MarcoLowe. More info is available at



“Because of COVID surge, packed TRi-Cities hospitals turning ambulances away” by Annette Cary of the Tri-City Herald, as printed in The Seattle Times: 

“Pediatricians besieged by parents seeking COVID vaccines for kids under 12” by Ariana Eunjung Cha and Frances Stead Sellers from The Washington Post, as printed in The Seattle Times: 

“COVID-19 vaccinations increase in Washington following mandates spike in cases” by Drew Mikkelsen from King 5: 

“As The Coronavirus Surges in Florida, Some Vaccine Skeptics Change Their Minds” from the Associated Press and NPR: 

“The Supreme Court Will Allow Evictions to Resume. It Could Affect Millions Of Tenants” by Krishnadev Calamur and Chris Arnold from NPR: 

“King County rent relief still slow to reach tenants” by David Kroman from Crosscut: 

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“Agencies Scramble To Resettle Afghan Refugees In The Seattle Area” by Martin Kaste from NPR: 

“Washington is poised to accept a wave of Afghan refugees. How will they be received?” by Naomi Ishisaka from The Seattle Times: 

“Washington Organizations Are Resettling Afghan Refugees, Here’s How You Can Help” by Mark Van Streefkerk from The South Seattle Emerald: 

Living Well Kent: 

“17-year-old critically wounded, 14-year-old in custody after gunfire outside Seattle middle school” by Mike Carter from The Seattle Times: 

“Seattle police investigate 3 shootings, including killing of man in Belltown” by Christine Clarridge from The Seattle Times: 



Transcript will be uploaded as soon as possible.